J Mallard Farms is a small 3rd generation waterfowl breeder located in West Tennessee. Our business started over 30 years ago by providing Mallard Ducks for a local business. In September of 2012, we decided to expand our operation. We increased our Mallard production and acquired other exotic ducks for propagation. We began our new operation with the acquisition of Mandarins and Wood Ducks and may expand from our present ten varieties.

We are still a small operation with 10 different breeds on this small hobby farm but have plans to expand. The reason we have stayed small to date, is so that we can provide our customers with the highest quality waterfowl.

We also pride ourselves in the  knowledge we have learned and enjoy educating our customers on all things, duck related. While Mallards comprise the largest portion of our waterfowl, we are presently breeding Mandarins, Wood Ducks, Laysan Ducks,  Green-Winged Teal, Blue-Winged Teal, Cinnamon Teal, Cape Teal, Marble Teal and Ringed Teal. In time, we may plan to venture into other breeds. 

J Mallard Farms commences with a commitment to support and conserve the natural resources of our country through the propagation of a variety of species of ducks. Supplying healthy, beautiful species of waterfowl to individuals and fellow agricultural entities fulfills the immediate expectations of our business.

Our competitive edge lies in the history of our business. As stated above, J Mallard Farms is the culmination of decades of service in the arena of duck management. These years of experience in managing waterfowl for the preservation and enjoyment of all has led us to this endeavor and exemplifies a family commitment to picturesque waterfowl and conservation.

Our Mission Statement

To provide beautiful waterfowl to all through quality customer
service and excelling in education.